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Guido Faro

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GoodHabitz Sneakerz x VIJZ

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🕹️ Assignment: Create a Christmas gift for the GoodHabitz employees to show pride in working at GoodHabitz. The Gift should be something everyone would enjoy and be usable in a generic way, so not a gift that ends up in the cabinet.


💡The concept: Wearable ambassador gift that helps people to step up their game. We came up with sneakers that are generic and loved by all “Nike Air Force 1”. We customized the basic triple white version with the GoodHabitz colors subtly so they stay wearable for all. We’ve created this in partnership together with VIJZ, a bespoke sneaker creator. And created a launch video to get everyone energized for their gift.


🎉 My role: Concept and art direction. Helped out to design the sneakers, and made sure that every detail was on brand and for the video production and direction.