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Guido Faro

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Explainervideo’s GoodHabitz

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🕹️ Assignment: Create videos that explain the Online courses and the Assessments products of GoodHabitz to potential customers and users. This has to be done within the brand guidelines and show the fun and colorful character of GoodHabitz with the wink of the eye in the video that leaves the viewers with a positive feeling.


💡The concept: Two video’s that are fully on brand and explain the product in a fun and easy-to-understand way for the viewers. The challenge was to get the interface into the ‘real world’ without making it feel fake. So we included Ipads and laptops with the people inside the video to make sure we can include the interface and products themselves. Combine this with powerful animation in both text (kinetic) and interface and you get these clear and on-brand video’s that tell the right story.


🎉 My role: Create the concept and guide the execution in a producer and director on-set role. After the initial delivery, we localized these video’s in 11 languages for usage on social and online platforms.