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Guido Faro

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Hi there,

I am Guido Faro, an Art director based in Eindhoven.



GoodHabitz will be the new sponsor on the shirt of PSV. To introduce GoodHabitz to the fans of PSV we need to organise a campaign in a fun way that shows who GoodHabitz is and what they do.

Promo Studio

GoodHabitz is growing rapidly and more and more clients are using the platform for their company to upgrade themselves. One thing that is needed after a client joins, is to promote the possibility to their employees to use the product. More and more questions came to the creatives of GoodHabitz to customise the marketing materials and we needed a scalable solution.

Slimste Fan

A way to activate the fans and remind them of the GoodHabitz sponsorship in a way that suits the story of personal development. The visibility of GoodHabitz should go up and the brand recognition should increase thanks to this campaign.


Create video’s that explain the Online courses and the Assessments products of GoodHabitz to potential customers and users. This has to be done within the brand guidelines and show the fun and colourful character of GoodHabitz with the wink of the eye in the video that leaves the viewers with a positive feeling.

GoodHabitz Sneakerz

Create a christmas gift for the GoodHabitz employees to show the pride of working at GoodHabitz. The Gift should be something everyone would enjoy and be usable in a generic way, so not a gift that ends up in the cabinet.


GoodHabitz is growing rapidly, both internationally as locally in Eindhoven. A lot of vacancies but applicants didn’t get the right feeling about who GoodHabitz is and what they do. This platform should show who GoodHabitz is and give the right feeling for potential candidates.

Tradeshows and events

HR And L&D events are normally not the brightest, as GoodHabitz we want to give color to this world. The assignment is to stand out at trade shows and events matching to the vision and product in a bright and fun way.
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Create content and campaigns for the client ASML. On one hand explain what it is that ASML does, and on the other side employer branding to show that it’s a great place to work to potential candidates that they search throughout the world.
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Toyota & Lexus

Create high end social content that shows the car lineup that they have at both the Toyota and the Lexus brand. Where we focus on luxury in the Lexus brand, and on that safe family feeling with the Toyota brand.
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KLM Dare2Dream

Create awareness about the newly introduced Dreamliner 787 for the first flight(s). With this introduce the viewers/participants to the features of the flight of this new aircraft and eventually let them participate to win the experience in the first flight.
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A campaign about giving compliments to fans and let them share these compliments to others. Share the love, share the happiness! 

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