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🕹️ Assignment: GoodHabitz will be the new sponsor on the shirt of PSV. To introduce GoodHabitz to the fans of PSV we need to organize a campaign in a fun way that shows who GoodHabitz is and what they do.


💡The concept: As online educators, we want people to become the best version of themselves by learning every day. So the idea came to life to join the players that are training for the new season together with the fans, to also prepare them for the new season. The fans could participate by uploading a video or photo that shows why they need or deserve to train and become the best fan(s). The winners joined us to Verbier where the PSV selection was training to get ready for the new season. To prepare the fans, we practiced writing fan songs, making sure you are back in time with your beers during halftime, press training for the fans, and got to meet the selection. To finish off, we tested the newly gained skills at one of the practice games of PSV.


🎉 My role: I was responsible for the concept of this campaign and its full execution. I worked on production and as a director on set for the introduction and final video. Besides that, I created the campaign platform together with an external freelancer where I was responsible for the mechanism and design of the platform.