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Guido Faro

Leenderweg 181
5643AG Eindhoven

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KLM Dare2Dream

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🕹️ Assignment: Create awareness about the newly introduced Dreamliner 787 for the first flight(s). This introduces the viewers/participants to the features of the flight of this new aircraft and eventually lets them participate to win the experience in the first flight.


💡The concept: A campaign that brings people together, because things are simply more fun when you’re together. The idea is that the participants have to answer questions based on the specific features of the airplane and how their travel partner would answer. So like do they want an aisle seat or a window seat? After completing the quiz the travel partner does the same, and once you got the answers correct, you know your partner the best and have a chance of winning this experience.


🎉 My role: Concept and execution. Designed the platform and build this with an external partner. Next to that I created and designed a social campaign to launch and run this campaign.